About the BiyoMap

“Every year, 150,000 rolls of bubble plastic are used and discarded in the art industry alone.”

A unique and durable product available in 14 different sizes. Read more about these unique folders below or order directly from our webshop.

The Biyomap is a new eco-friendly packaging for paintings. This folder replaces the environmentally harmful bubble plastic used to store and transport art. The Biyomap is made of at least 50% recycled material and is fully recyclable. 

Sustainable art protection- Biyomap

Biyomaps are easy to fold and thus space-saving. Biyomap is now available in 14 different sizes that you can quickly recognise by the coloured piping, even when the Biyomaps are folded in a stack. 

Apart from its other advantages, the Biyomap is also convenient and functional to use. The handy Velcro fastener is adjustable to different heights. This allows the folders to be enlarged an additional 5-15 cm. Each Biyomap is also fitted with a transparent A4 folder for valuable information such as a picture or description of the contents.

Handige klittenband sluiting

All BiyoMap products are made of the recyclable material polypropylene. This material was chosen for its good properties. For example, polypropylene is moisture-permeable on the inside and water-repellent on the outside. The material is not rough which makes it scratch-resistant to the artwork.

Milieuvriendelijk materiaal

#1 Tip

Leave the painting on the wall and pull the folder around the painting from below, lift the painting in the folder off the wall, close the folder and done!

#2 Tip

The Biyomap is also great for shipping things in. Use the Biyosafe to further protect the artwork from drops and bumps.

#3 Tip

Do you have a landscape format painting? Use two Biyo folders! Slide one folder around the artwork on both sides and fasten the flaps together with the Velcro.



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