Moving without Stress: Help Yourself and the Environment with Biyomap

Milieuvriendelijk materiaal

Sustainable Materials from Biyomap for a Smooth Move Make your move even smoother than expected with Biyomap’s sustainable materials. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of dealing with excessive plastic waste during packing, but you’ll also contribute to reducing environmental pollution. Convenient and Eco-Friendly Moving with Biyomap Products Experience the convenience of moving […]

Saving thousands of pounds of plastic per year through a sustainable solution

Een besparing van duizenden kilo's plastic per jaar door een duurzame oplossing

In 2008, Biyomap introduced new packaging for frames and artwork, among other things. Since then, these artworks have been packed in a sustainable sleeve. For a 100*100 cm artwork, 2 m2 less plastic is needed for protection and packaging all around. Gradually, all works of art in the industry have been packaged in this innovative […]

Why sustainable art packing is important

Why sustainable art packing is important (1)

A world without sustainability, can we keep it up? A world without sustainable packaging will be the beginning of the end. In every industry, making sustainable moves is getting more important by day. This is because resources are getting more scarce and the amount of waste is increasing too much. Why is the current way […]