Biyomap is the supplier for all your art protection and more. Since 2008, Biyomap has been ensuring that thousands of works of art are stored, transported and delivered in good conditions worldwide. This makes the product a valuable addition to the art industry. 

"Creating a green art industry together"

“The art industry is growing and Biyomap is making sure this happens sustainably”


The art industry is growing and Biyomap is growing with it! Biyomap's mission is to be available at a gallery or online in 50 countries by 2023!


Make the art industry as green as possible! By 2025, Biyomap wants to manage a 100% circular warehouse in addition to its recyclable folders, reusable foam profiles and sustainable transport!


Think circular
Reduce footprint
Be present

Our offers

The BIYOMAP Transport and Protection Sleeve is an eco-friendly packaging for your paintings and artworks. The painting sleeve is optimally suited for storing and transporting artworks. The Biyomaps consist of at least 50% recycled material are completely recyclable.

Bubble wrap alternative - Biyomap


Made of at least 50% recycled material and fully recyclable.

The BiyoMap

A protective, water-repellent and durable folder available in 14 sizes.

Biyosafe-U-profielen 2


Need extra protection? Biyomap offers various products to protect your artwork.