Saving thousands of pounds of plastic per year through a sustainable solution

In 2008, Biyomap introduced new packaging for frames and artwork, among other things. Since then, these artworks have been packed in a sustainable sleeve. For a 100*100 cm artwork, 2 m2 less plastic is needed for protection and packaging all around. Gradually, all works of art in the industry have been packaged in this innovative way for years.

The saving in plastic currently results in about 10,000 m2 per year. Older segment artworks are offered an additional solution. With Biyosafe, the work is additionally wrapped before it is slid into the durable cover. The products are in line with Biyomap’s goal of supporting environmental impact and reducing waste with less and more sustainable packaging.

2 m2 less plastic per artwork

Starting this year, customers will find Biyomap products not only with business customers, but also online for private purchases, which has already led to 5,000 folders sold. Besides the modifications from the plastic rolls to the sleeves – accounting for a reduction of 10,000 m2 of plastic per year – additional protection by Biyosafe, for example, does not directly offset sustainability, as sustainable goods are used across the board. This spring, Biyomap is moving entirely to paper protection for surface protection.

10,000 m2 less plastic by early 2023 alone.

Biyomap aims to operate in at least 20 countries by 2025 and sell more than 500,000 sustainable leaflets annually. That means 1,000,000 m2 of plastic savings per year. Within this framework, Biyomap follows recommendations and principles from organizations and from customer contact for optimization of products. Following all the news regarding Biyomap? Read all the news and updates on our blog page!